Top 10 Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro is a province in the Philippines located in Mindoro Island where plenty of beautiful tourist spots can be found. Dive sites and white sand beaches are abundant in the island making it one of the top destinations in the Philippines during holiday seasons.

To reach Oriental Mindoro from Luzon, one have to ride a boat from the ports of Batangas and pass through Verde Island Passage which houses thousands of species of marine lifeforms. This passage is one of the reasons where Philippines is being dubbed as the center of marine fish biodiversity in the world. Oriental Mindoro is one of the emerging eco-tourism destination in the country.

If you are a tourist or a local Filipino where you haven’t been to this province, these are the most popular tourists spots in Oriental Mindoro you may want to visit.

Top 10 Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro

1.White Beach

White Beach, by the name itself, is the most popular white beach in Oriental Mindoro. It is a long stretch of white sand beach where one can find many resorts and restaurants along the beach. Since it is popular, hundreds or thousands of people visit White Beach every single day from normal seasons to peak seasons. This is best destination for swimming, snorkeling, riding jet skis and banana boats, playing beach volleyball and more. During the night, even more people visit the beach to enjoy their meals at beachfront restaurants.

2.Talipanan Beach

Talipanan Beach is one of the most popular tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro but is less crowded than that of White Beach. It is a long stretch of white sand beach and crystal clear waters and behind the beach one can find mountains and relaxing tropical jungle. If you don’t want a place where there’s a party everywhere at night and less people, this place is what you are looking for. This is a much more quite and relaxing beach perfect for couples and families, a good spot for swimming, riding jet skies and banana boats.

3.Big La Laguna Beach

Among all the beaches in Oriental Mindoro, the Big La Laguna Beach is being dubbed as the most serene, most quiet beach and one of the best tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro. It has a peaceful and secluded cove with fine white sand where you can play valleyball and other beach activities. It has clean and clear waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The best part is, the water here is calm allowing small one’s to enjoy the beach knowing they won’t be knocked out by big waves since there are no big waves in Big La Laguna Beach.

4.Tukuran Falls

One of the most visited tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro is the Tukuran Falls or the Tukuran Hidden Paradise. It is just a small waterfall but the surroundings is astonishing and very refreshing. Most vacationers climb the high rocks for cliff jumping and some prefer just to swim and go into the cascading waters to have some waterfall massage. Ask assistance from the locals to guide you to high rocks to have a better view of the area and take some pictures. You can bring your own food for picnic and much better if you can also bring meat and coal for barbecue. One can find picnic tables and shelters near the falls just make sure you are early enough to have one since there are many tourists visit Tukuran Falls.

You can either walk or ride a buffalo cart going to Tukuran Falls, most people chose riding at the buffalo cart. It could take some time and pass through six (6) streams but it’s all worth it. On your way back to the town, don’t forget to pause for a moment and walk into the Tukuran Hanging Bridge where below is the Tukuran River coming from Tukuran Falls.

5.Alibatan Island

Alibatan Island is one of the most popular tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro. It is around 4 hectares famous for its pure white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. At the center of the island, one can find a lake that serves as the breeding grounds for seagulls and turtles. There are also plenty of corals and oysters in the beach. One can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the beach and explore some part of the island. If you are into a island hopping tour, make sure to include this is the list.

6.Buyayao Island

Buyayao Island is the largest and the most beautiful island in Oriental Mindoro. It is has a long stretch of white sand beach and pristine waters. It is a rocky island with tropical jungle, abundant in wildlife and marine lifeforms. This is also a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling though the waters could go very deep. Just stay near the shore. Eating picnic lunch with friends is a good thing to do here.

7.Mount Halcon

Mount Halcon is one of the most storied hiking destination in the Philippines located in Oriental Mindoro. It is 8, 484 feet above sea level making it the 18th highest mountain peak in the Philippines. If you are a serious mountaineer, then climbing the so-called “most difficult mountain to climb in the Philippines” would be a challenge for you. Along the trail, one can find thick vegetation of flora and fauna and many cold, clean and clear river streams. Mount Halcon is open from 1st of February to 31st of May every year.

8.Haligi Beach

Haligi Beach is a secluded and uninhabited island in Oriental Mindoro. It is a small white sand beach with crystal clear waters good for swimming and snorkeling. This beach is less crowded but without any establishments that’s why visitors have to bring their own food. Picnics and having lunch with families is a good thing to do here. This is also an ideal romantic gateway for lovers or couples. You can arrange your cruise in the island and have a candlelit dinner. It would be easy if you stay at Coco Beach Island Resort, they can assist you to arrange your trip to Haligi Beach just contact them first.

9. Aninuan Beach

Aninuan Beach is a wide and long stretch of fine sand beach. It is another less crowded, relaxing and quite beach just like the nearest beach, Talipanan Beach. Actually, both can be crossed by walking on the shore and passing through the boulders that separates them, possible during low tide. After swimming and snorkeling during the day, a romantic thing to do in the afternoon is to walk into the shore when the sun is coming down because the sunset is the best in Aninuan Beach. Have a dinner in beach front restaurants and enjoy the night with your partner or friends.

10. Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is one of the most popular tourist spots in Oriental Mindoro. It is good for swimming and snorkeling but it is best known for its amazing dive sites and awesome nightlife. Tourists visit here to explore the underwater wonders during the day and party hard at night. One can find a lot of diving shops around. Great accommodations abound like resorts, hotels, restaurants and bars. If you want to bring kids, just explore the place during the day or stay at your hotel at night. Since this Sabang Beach is really a destination of party people at night.

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